Unit & Software

Most Advanced Equipment On The Market

prime-test-300-testerUsing the Seaward PrimeTest 300 we can assure you that we are using the latest and most advanced equipment on the market. You can be rest assured that we give you the full testing required by law with this PAT unit. We perform a Visual Inspection and along with this unit we can conduct an Insulation Resistance Test, Earth Resistance Test, Earth Continuity Test, Polarity Test and RCD Trip-Time Testing.

Our services fully comply with the Australian Standards 3760 so you can be certain that your business is legally covered under the Work Health & Safety Act.

This unit allows us to store all data on the unit itself to be later uploaded to our database using the PATGUARD 2 PRO software. This software allows us to give you detailed and concise reports for your asset list. We can give you this information any time you request it as we keep it on file for you which keeps you covered for your WH&S requirements.