Test And Tag

tag-testElectrical tagging and testing is a series of tests on an electrical appliance to make sure it poses no dangers or risks in the way of electrocution and fire. These tests are performed by a trained and qualified person using a Portable Appliance Testing Unit (PAT) It consists of a full visual inspection followed by a series of certain tests depending on whether it is a class I or class II appliance using the PAT unit. The PAT unit indicates to us if there is any electricity passing the insulation of the appliance which could possibly pass through a person that comes in contact with the appliance.

For the test we must unplug the appliance to perform the test. It only takes a few moments to perform the test then the appliance is ready to be used again.

What must be tested? Anything that plugs into a 240-volt socket must be tested. That is Computers, Kitchen Appliances, Extension Leads, Surge Protected Powerboards, Phone Chargers, Fridges and Printers just to name a few.

At DE Tag & Test we use Thermo Tag Technology. Unlike some test and tag businesses that use hand written tags and hand written asset logs which can easily fool you into thinking that you have had your appliance tested appropriately, we can only record valid testing. If we test an asset the test performed is logged in our PAT unit and then a Thermo Tag is printed to attach to your appliance, there is complete transparency with all our testing because if there is a tag printed you can be rest assured it’s been tested to the Standards. At any stage, you can look back through your detailed report and see the exact tests performed on that asset simply by looking at the asset number on the printed tag.