We Tag and Test all single phase electrical equipment. We offer free full comprehensive reports that we also backup to our database. We comply with Australian Standards 3760 to ensure you’re covered.

Our business is built on reliability and trust. It aspires to have your business covered on it’s legal obligation to have your electrical equipment tagged and tested, but more importantly we want your staff and yourself to be safe from electrical associated issues.

Specialising in tagging and testing of single phase class I and class II electrical equipment using the most advanced PAT testing equipment on the market we can give your business or home detailed reports that meet the requirements of Australian OH&S standards. Rest assured it is our goal to make the workplace and home a safer place for all. With very competitive rates do not hesitate to book an appointment now.

Test And Tag

tag-testElectrical tagging and testing is a series of tests on an electrical appliance to make sure it poses no dangers or risks in the way of electrocution and fire. These tests are performed by a trained and qualified person using a Portable Appliance Testing Unit (PAT) It consists of a full visual inspection followed by a series of certain tests depending on whether it is a class I or class II appliance using the PAT unit. The PAT unit indicates to us if there is any electricity passing the insulation of the appliance which could possibly pass through a person that comes in contact with the appliance.

For the test we must unplug the appliance to perform the test. It only takes a few moments to perform the test then the appliance is ready to be used again.

What must be tested? Anything that plugs into a 240-volt socket must be tested. That is Computers, Kitchen Appliances, Extension Leads, Surge Protected Powerboards, Phone Chargers, Fridges and Printers just to name a few.

At DE Tag & Test we use Thermo Tag Technology. Unlike some test and tag businesses that use hand written tags and hand written asset logs which can easily fool you into thinking that you have had your appliance tested appropriately, we can only record valid testing. If we test an asset the test performed is logged in our PAT unit and then a Thermo Tag is printed to attach to your appliance, there is complete transparency with all our testing because if there is a tag printed you can be rest assured it’s been tested to the Standards. At any stage, you can look back through your detailed report and see the exact tests performed on that asset simply by looking at the asset number on the printed tag.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

slide-02Portable Appliance Testing is an important part of any business. It is not only law to have periodical testing done in Australia but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that your staff and customers are safe from faulty appliances.

The test consists of Visual inspection, Insulation Resistance Test, Earth Resistance Test, Earth Continuity Test, Polarity Test and RCD Trip-Time Testing. For just a few moments we disconnect your appliance, conduct the appropriate tests, place a printed tag on the lead and the return the appliance in to service.

Residual Current Devices (RCD) Testing

rcd-03RCD’s are extremely an integral part of your electrical system. Without them working correctly any faulty appliance could possibly electrocute you.

It is important that you utilise the test button on the RCD regularly yourself but that test button only confirms that at some stage of an electrical grounding it will cut the power. What it doesn’t test is the trip time which is vital for your safety if there is an electrical earth through someone from an appliance. Our tester measures the trip times for both 0-degrees and  180-degrees and confirms that it will trip within the 30 milliseconds allowed by Australian Standards 3760.

Repair Of Faulty Leads

faulty-leads-01At DE we don’t believe that you need to throw away a perfectly good appliance that’s worth hundreds of dollars just because you have a faulty lead or plug.

If you have a damaged lead we simply shorten it to where the fault is, replace the plug then test & tag your appliance.

All for a small fee you can utilise that electrical asset for years to come knowing that it passes all safety requirements set out in the Australian Standards 3760

Tagging / Labelling and Bar-Coding


Our Thermo Tags allow us to use a barcode system, this system speeds up the process after our initial Test & Tag.

On our first occasion, we enter the type of test (for example class II Earth Leakage Test) and a description of the asset.

Once we have completed the initial testing phase all data is stored in our PAT unit, the next time we simply use the barcode reader which signals to the PAT unit which test is to be performed for that asset and this allows us to cause less interruption to your business operations during following periodical testing by cutting the time down significantly.

Record Keeping and Reporting

We keep your records on file for you to request at any time. As a part of the Australian Legislation you as a business are required to keep your testing records until the next periodical test.

We understand that running a business can be hectic to say the least, it is possible to misplace documents easily. For that reason, we keep a record of your file in our database to which we adhere strictly in accordance with the Privacy Act and share no data to any third party without prior written consent from yourself.

Our reporting is second to none. We offer free concise and detailed reporting which is emailed to you in PDF form. Concise reports are great for asset listing as they are single line per asset and take up little space. Detailed reports give you much more insight into the testing performed on your electrical asset and are provided to you on receipt of payment.